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4 steps to choose best hotel in Maldives for yourself. Part 1

4 steps to choose best hotel in Maldives for yourself. Part 1

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Facts about Maldives

Maldives is a destination NOT FOR EVERYONE!

These articles are not about advertising of Maldives. It is about real information of Maldives and can help you to decide to visit or not. Also help you to choose right hotel for your expectations.

Of course we can advise some hotel names, offer their rates and make your reservations. If you read the article to the end, you will be able to send us your requests in full and we will offer you the most suitable options. Just contact with us.

Let’s start with two different opinions about Maldives. Both couples visited Maldives for their honeymoons. Here are the reviews.

– We had got two books to read during flight. We read them in first two days. Next two days we have made criticism about the books. If we had stayed two more days we could divorce

– When we get in to our room it was just amazing. We took photos of the room before unpacking our luggage. We wished we could plan our honeymoon for 7 nights instead of 5 nights.

As you can see Maldives is not a destination for everyone. It is a unique place with special features. It is a destination which you need to know more before you go.

At the beginning we better explain a bit about geography. This unique geography is one of the most important part for travelers.

This is International Airport of Maldives. They call it “Ibrahim Nasir International Airport” or “Velana International Airport” too. As you can see there is almost nothing than an airport at the island. Maldives is a group of islands and you have 3 choices for an island. Local’s residential, resort hotel or an inhabitant island. It means you should travel to your resort from the airport by the sea.

According to your resort location you will have 3 choices of transfers.
Speedboats: to resorts located close to the airport.
Sea planes: to resorts located a bit far from airport.
Sea plane and speedboat combination: to resorts located far from airport.

Arranging your transfer before your arrival to Maldives is one of the most important thing you should done. Maldives is not a place that you can take a taxi to your hotel. And the transfer costs are really higher than you expected.

Important tip: most of the online booking sites hide the transfer rates. They mention these rates with very small fonts or a small note that you should contact with the hotel about transfer services. Travel agents always mention these rates on their offers. So you better contact a trusted travel agent for your Maldives reservations.

Now you have an idea about Maldives geography. We better move on and talk about resorts on the next article.

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