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4 steps to choose best hotel in Maldives for yourself. Part 2

4 steps to choose best hotel in Maldives for yourself. Part 2

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As we mentioned resorts are located at AN ISLAND only. So there is nothing than a resort at the island. At that point, you can realise that you will spend most of your time at the hotel. This, makes choosing your hotel very important. Of course hotels will offer you some activities but most of the activities will be on the sea or at the hotel. This, also makes choosing your room type very important too. And finally spending your time at the hotel makes choosing your meal plan very important.

Choosing the hotel:
Selling the Maldives for a travel agency employee is one of the most risk-free jobs. In the face of the excellence of nature, the hospitality of the hotel staff, guests do not care about the small flaws of the hotels. In this case, you can consider the best option with your budget when choosing your hotel. Please note that all hotels have the same sea and weather conditions. The only difference between hotels is the luxury of the services they provide. So your budget is the key for this step.

Note: There are some accommodation choices which are very cheap. These options located at the local islands. These are mostly apart hotels. Remember the local islands are under the Islamic rules. Sunbathing and consuming alcoholic drinks will be restricted.  

Hotels on a single island have no restrictions on alcoholic beverages, only topless sunbathing prohibited for ladies.

Note to honeymooners: After some research, you may notice that hotels offer additional services to honeymooners. They will start with a simple floral decoration in your room. Free romantic dinners or free massages can be recommended depending on the budget of the hotel you choose. But remember that nothing is free! We recommend that you disregard such ““free”” services when choosing your hotel. At this point, the honeymoon discount offer is more important than a free dinner. Your travel agent will help you find the best honeymoon discount offer.

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