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4 steps to choose best hotel in Maldives for yourself. Part 3

4 steps to choose best hotel in Maldives for yourself. Part 3

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If you have read the first two parts you have an idea about the islands and resorts. Now you need to know how to choose your room type. This is one of the most important part to have a great holiday with in your budget.

Choosing the room type:
It is quite difficult to find multi-storey hotel buildings in the Maldives. As we are talking about island resorts you will have two main types of the rooms. Rooms on the beach and rooms over the water. Very few hotels have only one room type, which is just on the beach or over the water.
These two main type of room categories also divided sub categories according to additional facilities in the rooms. Rooms with private pool, Jacuzzi, sunset or sunrise views. A longer room name comes with higher budget. Simply a “Beach Bungalow” will be cheaper than a “Sunset Beach Villa with Private Pool”.

There is a distance between the rooms to ensure privacy. Rooms located on the beach are surrounded by green vegetation and rooms located over the water are surrounded by fences. This does not provide 100% privacy, but you can enjoy the view. There are several types of rooms that are enclosed by walls and provide 100% privacy.

Overall the rooms located on the water are more expensive. Guests who want to experience water bungalows, but who do not have enough budgets, can spend few nights of their stay on the water bungalows and few nights at the beach bungalows. That’s what we called split stay. You cannot find this kind of offer at the online reservation sites. Calculation of a split accommodation must be done by an expert travel agent. Take your time and do not hesitate to contact us about detailed information.

Most hotels do not allow children less than 10 – 12 years of age to stay in rooms over water for safety reasons. Some hotels only allow children to stay in these rooms with a signed confirmation from families.

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