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This web site dedicated to travel agencies and tour operators who is planning groups to Cuba

As those in the tourism industry know very well, Cuba is in a very rapid development in the field of tourism in recent years. During this rapid development, Cuba For Groups has channeled its efforts in this direction in order to overcome the natural problems experienced in tourism services and to ensure that travel agencies reach quality services in the most convenient and fastest way. Cuba For Groups, in which the management and accounting office operates in Spain and the operation office in Havana, has established an organization with this structure that you can make your payments comfortably, quickly and safely while preparing special operations for you and your guests.

Another World Tour is liaison office for Cuba For Groups located in Turkey. Another World Tour supports travel agencies and tour operators in near time zone. (Between GMT –1 and GMT +5) You can be supported about operational correspondences, detailed questions about itinerary and destination. We speak Turkish and English languages.


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Havana, Cuba

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Havana Havana, the capital of Cuba, Havana is a frequent destination for tourists from all over the world. In addition to history, culture, shopping, nightlife, natural beauty, its dining options suitable for every taste, the friendly and hospitable Cuban People make Havana and of course Cuba an indispensable destination for tourists. As a result of

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Varadero, Cuba

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Varadero Varadero with its white sandy beaches, resort hotels, and turquoise sea; It is one of the most popular holiday destination. Especially tourist groups, companies, dealers, meeting groups and honeymoon couples prefers Varadero. Varadero, which is 150 km from Havana, literally stands out as a touristic seaside resort. The town is home to hotels that

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Trinidad, Cuba

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Trinidad Trinidad, which joined the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1988, is a truly open-air museum with cobblestone streets and untouched architecture. In the center of this small town of Cuba, where each street has a different history and tourist groups are seen at every corner. History Founded in 1514 by the Spanish sailor Diego


Havana (3) Varadero (4)

One of the standard 7-night programs. 3 nights Havana and 4 nights Varadero. The contents of the package are completely filled with activities. Every place that must be seen in a week is included to the package, without missing anything about Cuba. You can download the package pdf file here or request word version from us.

Havana (3) Trinidad (1) Varadero (3)

Another one of the classic 7 night package options. 3 nights in Havana, 1 night in Trinidad and 3 nights in Varadero, we filled the content of this package with daily excursions. An option where guests can spend an unforgettable 1 week without missing any detail about Cuba.

Cuba For Groups

Mutual Trust

Of course we do have our standard packages and itineraries. But our a la carte services provides special itineraries according to your and customer’s needs. Due to our company rules, we do not share your programs with other agencies or public.

Variety of Options

Our offers provides best ratio of quality and price. While we do that, we also consider of your pax number, travel season and other factors. This gives us chance to offer best suitable options for your groups.

Guarantee of Confirmation

We have very good personal connections and contracts with international and local hotel chains, service providers. This guarantees us competitive advantages in getting availability and booking confirmations.


Our experience on every kind of groups guarantees satisfaction of yours. Conventions, incentives, nature lovers, divers, celebrations, academic internships, special interests or simple holiday groups. We are experienced on all type of groups.


While we design each program; we combine your ideas and expectations with our knowledge on destination, characteristics and possibilities of the destination. This makes the final itinerary perfectly matched.

Payment Facilities and Assistance

Where ever you are in the world; our Spain based management office offers variety of payment methods which are easy, fast and safe. We assist our travel agents as our team mates. We also assist groups 7/24 while their stay in in Cuba. This brings fully satisfactioned customers and travel agents.

Contact with us

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