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Havana, the capital of Cuba, Havana is a frequent destination for tourists from all over the world. In addition to history, culture, shopping, nightlife, natural beauty, its dining options suitable for every taste, the friendly and hospitable Cuban People make Havana and of course Cuba an indispensable destination for tourists.

As a result of the moderate politics between the USA and Cuba, the tourism sector, which has been developing rapidly in Cuba in recent years, can offer its guests quality accommodation, environmental and city trips and daily tours suitable for all types of tourists. The determination of the Cuban people serving in the tourism sector and their friendly service approach provide visitors with unforgettable experiences.


The establishment of the city dates back to the beginning of 1500s. The city, which was ruled by the Spaniards, the British and the Americans, was finally taken back by the Cuban People in 1959. Havana was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 with its rich history and untouched structures. With all these features, it also holds the title of being the city that hosts the most tourists in the Caribbean.


Those who do not want to miss the rich options offered by the city due to its cultural and social structure, rightly find it more plausible to explore the city in groups and with guided tours. For this reason, it is possible to meet tourist groups in almost every part of the city. In addition to touristic sightseeing tours, Havana has become one of the most popular cities of recent years for group travel of all kinds, such as groups with special interests, company dealer meeting groups.

Cuba For Groups and Another World Tour cooperation provides seamlessly all kind of touristic local services to travel agents and tour operators for groups who want to explore this magnificent city and Cuba. With our experience on destination, international and local accommodation facilities, our existing contracts, our professional office and field team, we can guarantee you complete and trouble-free service in every respect.

While our operation office in Cuba planning all the details perfectly, Turkey office can offer 7/24 support and guidance about every single detail. Spain office manages all accounting transactions quickly and safely.

You can contact with us about detailed information about the country and services, also you can manage all operation and reservations for your guests.