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Trinidad, which joined the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1988, is a truly open-air museum with cobblestone streets and untouched architecture. In the center of this small town of Cuba, where each street has a different history and tourist groups are seen at every corner.


Founded in 1514 by the Spanish sailor Diego Valezques, the city has become an indispensable place for trade due to its location. The region, which is surrounded by sugar cane fields, has been the target of colonists and pirates throughout its history. The city, which is under UNESCO protection today. Trinidad is one of the must-see places in Cuba with its buildings, narrow streets, colorful houses that have been preserved untouched since the 19th century.


It is a town that should be visited by groups who are especially interested in topics such as history, Cuban culture and 19th century architecture. Due to its location, it can be easily added to tour programs for a night or two. The town square, which is an open-air museum with its untouched historical buildings, the church and the market place. This takes the passengers back to 19th century. In the evenings, passengers can enjoy Cuban music and Salsa on the streets with live music.

It is a fact that the quality of accommodation in the town center is low due to UNESCO protection. The destination closes this gap with the hotels located on the beach of Ancon. Ancon beach is 15 minutes from the center.  Apart from the advantage of finding hotel options, the beach of Ancon also offers the opportunity to enjoy the South Caribbean sea. 

Topes de Collantes National Conservation Park, located very close to Trinidad. Park offers great options for nature lovers. Hiking trails, waterfalls, hundreds of varieties and local exotic, medicinal plants, cave systems, overlooking view of Trinidad, Ancon Beach and the entire peninsula. Topes de Collantes National Conservation Park is a popular destination for tourists.

Iznaga Tower near the town arouses the curiosity of tourists with its interesting story. In general, adding to the tour program on the day of departure from Trinidad is the most suitable option for the comfort of the passenger.

Trinidad welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.


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