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Varadero with its white sandy beaches, resort hotels, and turquoise sea; It is one of the most popular holiday destination. Especially tourist groups, companies, dealers, meeting groups and honeymoon couples prefers Varadero. Varadero, which is 150 km from Havana, literally stands out as a touristic seaside resort.

The town is home to hotels that can easily accommodate crowded groups traveling with tours. Due to its nature and location, every international and local hotel chains definetly has a resort in Varadero. Resorts has the capacity to easily provide tourist groups for every pax number, taste and expectation.


The city was founded in 1555 and was used by the Spanish to supply salt to the ships. Tourism started with the construction of summer houses of 10 families from Cardenas in 1887. Nowadays tourism market reached the point of hosting over 5 million visitors in 2019.


Varadero rightly ranked 2nd among the best beaches in the world in 2019. It has 20 km long white beaches and turquoise waters. The town center has a regular structure with 3 main streets and 69 streets crossing these streets.

Besides its magnificent sea and all-inclusive luxury hotels, Varadero offers many activities to its guests. Catamaran boat trips combined swimming with dolphins is one of the most important daily activity. Apart from that, snorkeling and scuba diving facilities, jeep safaris, natural park areas are among the options to evaluate the day. The town center attracts curious tourists with shopping opportunities, restaurant options and of course a very active nightlife.

The fact that the nearby cities can be visited with daily tours from Varadero. This gives the chance to see these places especially for crowded groups without the hassle of changing cities / hotels. With its location and facilities, Varadero can offer options for each passenger traveling in a group with different expectations. In addition, this is an excellent opportunity for groups stay in a luxury hotel. They can visit small but must-visit cities without changing their hotels.


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