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How to choose your ideal tropical island? Part 3

How to choose your ideal tropical island? Part 3

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Meal plans.

This is one of the important points for your decision. If you can’t choose right option, you can spend more money then you expected for food and beverages.

Maldives and Bora Bora:
Remember; each resort is located at one island. You will not have choice of dining out of the resort. Meal plan selection depends on people’s travel habits. Which of the following is your food habit on holiday?

Type 1: I am very selective of food and beverages. I would like to see the options on spot. I will choose and pay to the hotel directly.
You better book ROOM ONLY (RO)

Type 2: I wake up late. I would like to get breakfast but I will choose and pay the other meals and drinks to the hotel.

Type 3: I wake up late. Get breakfast. Buffet dinner can be include the rate. I can pay for the lunch and drinks to the hotel.
Book HALF BOARD (HB; includes breakfast and dinner. Not beverages)

Type 4: I wake up early. I would like to have breakfast.  Sports, swim etc before lunch. I would like to have full lunch. Spend my afternoon at the hotel. Buffet dinner is fine. I am not good with alcohol. I can pay for drinks on spot.
Book FULL BOARD (FB; includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Not beverages.)

Type 5: I eat, I drink, I don’t want to count extra bills.
Choose the ALL INCLUSIVE options. (AI)

Seychelles and Mauritius:
Bigger islands according to Maldives and Bora Bora. This mean there is life out of resorts. You better go out and have some tours around the islands. Many options are offered by the resorts and agencies. Most probably you will not at the resort during lunch times. Half board accommodations are suggested.

Bali, Phuket and Koh Samui:
Again big islands and there is a colourful life everywhere. You will find Far East culture and history, Buddhist temples, shopping options, outdoor activities, nightlife and so on. Breakfast at the hotel will be far enough. Try many different options out of the resorts.

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