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How to choose your ideal tropical island? Part 4

How to choose your ideal tropical island? Part 4

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If you read the details at the all articles, you already had some idea about things to do or can’t do.

Maldives and Bora Bora:

Enjoy the magnificent sea! These coral islands offer you best sea experiences. Crystal clear green blue waters, colourful undersea life, diving, snorkelling, water sports. Don’t forget to have massage. All resorts offer many choices of exotic massages. These places are for rest and peace. 

These benefits come with some negative points. Do not expect visit cultural and historical sites. Also do not expect shopping or to go out and have fun at the local pub.
The Maldives is the Islamic Republic and topless sunbathing is prohibited in resorts. Also you cannot bring “”your own wine”” or pornographic materials to the country. But do not worry, you can find any kind of alcoholic beverages at the resorts.  

Mauritius and Seychelles:

Their unique rock formations and spectacular beaches are some of the reasons you should visit these islands. Due to their location, the islands have hosted different colonies in their history and have different cultures. This situation offers their guests many outdoor activities and sites to visit.

You can find some shopping options but nightlife is rarely found.

Bali, Phuket and Koh Samui:

Here are the islands full of all choices for any kind of expectations. Stunning beaches, reach Far East culture, long and interesting history, Buddhist Temples, every kind of food options, nightlife, wildlife, water and outdoor activities. 

Learn and respect Buddhist traditions, stay away from drugs which are very easy to reach. Drugs are illegal, as in many countries, but the legal consequences are worse than others.

As you read main points about these islands, I hope this article would help you to choose your ideal one between them. If you have already selected one, read more detailed articles for each destination.

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